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Professional Communication Installation Services Light Voltage Services
Professional Communication Installation Services Light Voltage Solutions
Professional Communication Installation Services Light Voltage Services

Top Rated Specialists in Residential and Commercial Service Changes

The best way to gain peace of mind during service changes of any size and complexity is to connect with a licensed electrician who puts your needs, goals, and budget first. Professional Communication Installation Services specializes in delivering expert streamlined electrical wiring solutions and electrical panel replacements. For many years, we have helped residents and businesses protect investments from threats like electrical fires, electrocutions, shocks, burns, property damages and damages to sensitive equipment, such as computers and data cabling.

Our comprehensive free quotes and value-driven rates reflect our commitment to our clients. During a free consultation, we’ll assess your current infrastructure and engineer a forward-thinking electrical service change plan that has been customized for you. When you partner with us, we will also guarantee:

  • Your complete satisfaction
  • A licensed electrician who is courteous and prompt
  • Strict compliance with the National Electrical Code and municipal building standards
  • Top quality replacement products
  • Guaranteed craftmanship
  • Competitive rates
  • Swift turnarounds
  • Set start and finish dates

Top Reasons for Needing an Electrical Service Upgrade

There is a good chance you will need to employ a certified electrician to inspect your energy management systems and perform a full or partial electrical service upgrade if your home or business is older than 20 years or you are experiencing any of the following:

  1. Panels or circuits are hot when you touch them
  2. Lights flicker when other appliances in other parts of your home are turned on
  3. You’ve increased the number of outlets in your home, without increasing the power supply
  4. You’re planning an addition or upgrading your kitchen, bathroom, or other part of your home
  5. You’re installing brand new appliances like hot tubs and car charging stations
  6. Breakers keep tripping
  7. Circuit panels have started to emit a smell.
  8. There are ungrounded, broken or damaged electrical components
  9. The wiring attached to breakers is not capable of handling the load

Is Changing an Electrical Panel on Your Own A Good Idea?

Electricity can be deadly when corners are cut, and careless installation mistakes have been made. All local electricians have undergone specialized industry accreditations and have completed hours of ongoing safety training. Without access to the right tools and technology to perform the job, it is unsafe for anyone to perform electrical service changes of any kind. Not all electrical contractors are created equally. Changing an electrical panel should be quick, painless, and scalable so any changes can be installed with ease. During our free consultation process, we’ll help you explore ways to save time and money, while still receiving the exceptional engineering and quality workmanship you deserve.

Call us now for more information, or to book an appointment to receive a free quote from Professional Communication Installation Services authorities on services changes.

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